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UFC 156 Fight night
Saturday,March 30th 

Sponsor Connor Matthews "The Controller MMA" Today! Deadline Alert: March 1, 2024.

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Why Connor Matthews? Partnering with Connor is more than just a sponsorship. It's a journey to captivate and inspire, offering unparalleled exposure for your brand.


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American Hustle Company 

At American Hustle Co. we stand with the soldiers shaping our culture. You're not just signing a talent agent; you're getting a company ready to go to war for you. 

American Hustle Co. - Fighting for your American Hustle.

Reckless Media Company 

Reckless Media Company - Building Brands Beyond Content – Become What You Deserve to Be Paid For.

The Ones Ready Podcast 


The Ones Ready Podcast is a powerhouse of special operations wisdom, led by active duty CCT, PJ, and SR operatives with a combined 69 years of experience. Our mission? Equip the next generation of Special Operators with the knowledge and skills to outperform, outlast, and outmaneuver any challenge. As the go-to source for Air Force Special Warfare insights, we dive into physical fitness, nutrition, recovery, and mindset strategies critical for elite performance.

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T3i Inc

T3i, born from the need for exceptional training support within the SOF community during the Global War on Terrorism, champions a mission-first philosophy. Founded by veterans driven to exceed where others fell short, T3i prioritizes customer missions, fostering a culture of commitment and excellence. The company’s dedication to national security challenges has made it a vital ally to high-impact units. Emphasizing employee ownership and profit-sharing, T3i attracts and retains top talent, ensuring that each team member is not just an employee but an owner vested in mission success.

OVN Logo.png

Operation Vet Now

OVN stands as a beacon of support and honor for veterans, embodying the motto "Be There For Our Veterans." Focused on commemorating those who never returned and uplifting those who did, OVN champions veterans' mental health and wellness through sports and activities. By fostering a community of care and resilience, OVN is dedicated to ensuring that veterans receive the honor, support, and opportunities they deserve, helping them transition to civilian life with dignity and strength.

Organic Grit.jpeg

Organic Grit

Organic Grit is a distinguished veteran-founded CBD company, specializing in providing potent CBD products like oil tinctures, salves, and creams. With a commitment to quality and community, they cater primarily to veterans, offering them holistic wellness solutions grounded in trust and efficacy. Use code OGCONNOR at checkout for 10% off of Organic Grit's products  

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